5 Reasons To Be An Essential Oil Lover

1. Ease Tension & Anxiety

Be surprised – at how a tiny drop of essential oil can cheer you up after the roughest day. Aromatherapy has been proven as one of the best ways to ease anxiety. Fresh scents such as orange and lavender oils are commonly used as anti-depressants to turn negative energy into delightful moments.


2. Breathe Deeper, Breathe Better

If you have breathing issues, we have good news for you. Lemon, rosemary and lavender essential oils have been known to promote a healthy respiratory system and can be very effective for asthma relief. The soothing aroma eases stuffy nose as it fights against airway inflammation - so you can breathe in fully and escape from the toxic environmental air.

3. Be Healthy, Be Happy

The fascinating thing about essential oils is that each and every single one comes with specific benefit of their own. Peppermint has calming effect to ease headaches or migraines, while lemon is a perfect immunity booster. The right scent can heal the right condition when used regularly and appropriately. This is why aromatherapy is highly appreciated by everyone and has been a household remedy since the ancient times.


4. Natural Lullaby

Essential oils are one of the best remedies for a good night sleep. Aromatherapy is commonly used as an effective and inexpensive nightly routine to relief disrupted sleep. The comforting aroma of essential oils such as jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla promote relaxation to the body and mind. Give yourself the rest you deserve. Use daily for improved sleep throughout the night.

5. Brain Booster

The ability to stay fresh all day is an ideal condition suited for every lifestyle. You can achieve this goal by stimulating your brain to be active all day with a little help from essential oils. Aroma from natural elements like rosemary increases oxygen flow to your brain, while peppermint oils increases blood flow to boost mental function and clarity.


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