Why Are Aromatherapy Room Sprays Becoming Increasingly Popular?

  1. Set The Ideal Mood

Different aromas can stimulate different moods. Lovely lavender is a perfect match for bedroom as it gives off a relaxing aroma. The refreshing power of peppermint will keep you inspired in the office. Prepare to greet your guests with chamomile scent for a welcoming atmosphere in the hallway. Show your lifestyle, your character, your taste and tell the story of your life with a signature scent of your choice.


  1. Play It Safe

Poorly manufactured and cheap fragrances are often filled with harmful chemicals – and prolonged exposure can cause headaches and is detrimental to your overall health. High quality room sprays should always be 100% pure and natural with no added synthetic chemicals. Create an enjoyable space that is scented but also safe and delicate – safe for everyone including children and pets.


  1. Deep Breath, Deep Sleep

It’s been known to many, that one of the secrets to a good night’s sleep is a hint of relaxing fragrance during bedtime. The best essential oils to fall asleep with are lavender, ylang ylang and chamomile. Leave a small spritz on your pillow, your bedsheet or blanket, before you go to bed. The relaxing aroma will facilitate a deeper sleep, letting you rest better and be ready for bigger tomorrow.


  1. Home Sweet Home

Come home to a welcoming aroma of fruits and flowers. It’s very common for rooms to be stale and stuffy in hot and humid climates. Use a room spray to help get rid of the musty smell and let the aromatic scent rejuvenate your living experience. Whether it be your kitchen, study or even the toilet, room sprays made from pure essential oils can freshen them all in an instant.


  1. Convenient

A room spray is the best choice when talking about convenience. Scented candles may not be safe for certain environments and the light may disrupt your sleep. Diffusers are great, but you can’t carry them everywhere. Six Senses Living aromatherapy room spray, on the other hand, is portable, which means you can carry it on your travels if you wish to and it is the perfect answer for a change of mood, or an instant touch of aroma for your space.


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